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If you haven’t watched Loah on YouTube, there’s still time. Her songs are difficult to categorize – except for the awesome category. Apparently, Loah has been doing some acting so maybe we’ll see her on the big screen. Until then, there’s still YouTube.

Where was your first concert? Either as a performer or a fan.

Youssou N’dour in Gambia in 2000! I did not fully appreciate the significance as a child in attendance with my mum!

If you could put together a dream concert, who would be playing?

Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Fela Kuti and Glenn Gould.

You seem so comfortable on stage and just in general. Is there a secret to maintaining self-confidence?

Love the tunes you’re singing, be rehearsed af, and love the act itself of sharing art with people in a public space. I wouldn’t agree I’m comfortable in general or that every gig is perfect, I have socially awkward days and some great days. However, when those three aspects line up it does feel really good.

Do you write your own songs?

Yes. I collaborate with people on projects as well but generally, excepting covers, if I’m singing stuff as Loah then it comes from me.

How would you describe ArtSoul?

A blend of everything that I have grown up in as a person and artist – a direct interpretive fusion of multiple genres of influence (folk, soul, jazz, western classical music and west african folk) as a response to my life and the way I see the world, and a response to other works such as my favourite painters, writers and films.

What was the first song that you remember performing?

‘Hold Your Hand Out You Naughty Boy’ for my family when I was 4!

Will you be touring in the United States in the near future?

Not quite yet but I’ll get there eventually!

What is something great about your hometown?

Maynooth is my real hometown but I’ve lived in Dublin for years, and I adore Dublin because although it’s a capital it still feels like living in a village. It is so small that you bump into everyone you know constantly so it feels like everyone is on this lovely timeline together.

What would you like people to know about you?

I’m exploring acting in the last two years and I’m loving learning and growing into another amazing art form so I plan to do a lot more of that in the coming years.

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โ€œJust a small town girl โ€“ living in a lonely world.โ€ Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


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