Bring the Funk Spotlight: Rage Against the Machine


I freaking love Rage Against the Machine. I will love them until I’m an old lady causing trouble in a nursing home. By that time, I’ll have to play it loud so I can hear it and then a little extra loud on top of that. When my birthday comes around, Rage Against the Machine merch is always on the list.

When they first came out, I might not have been into their music as much as I am now. Who knows why? People change. Some people are not as angry in their 20s as they are in their 40s. The same people also weren’t into funk rock as much as let’s say acoustic hippy crap.

They were nominated to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the 2018 class but they weren’t among the chosen. They were robbed, probably because they are not afraid to express their views, which are not always popular. I mean, their name is Rage Against the Machine – not Follow the Leader Machine.

So it’s kind of sad that they aren’t together. Prophets of Rage are still around though.

Rage Against the Machine website

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