Jane Austen, A to Z: Tom Lefroy

Tom Lefroy and Jane Austen

Was Tom Lefroy really the love of Jane Austen’s life? Some people think that he was the model for Mr. Darcy. Others say that they were just good friends.

In the movie, “Becoming Jane,” Tom and Jane weren’t seen as being a suitable match. Neither one had money or social standing yet. Tom would eventually become a successful politician and judge in Ireland.

There may have been some flirtations in real life but the movie is probably mostly fiction. We want it to be a real story but it may have not been as dramatic as the movie. I did enjoy the movie although it’s more likely to be fiction than truth.

He married and had seven children. One of his daughters was named Jane. She could have been named after her grandmother, Lady Jane Paul, or Jane Austen. I’d like to think that the daughter was named after Jane Austen. It’s just the hopeless romantic side of me wishing for a story with true love.


The One Sided Romance of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy

Thomas Lefroy

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