Interview with . . . Clover the Girl

Clover the Girl
Photos by Bailey Franklin 
Makeup by Stephanie Cantu

Clover the Girl has recently been signed to InVogue Records. Her EP, Even If It Hurts, will be released on July 5th. If these events are a sign, then her summer is going to be epic. Will your summer be epic if you listen to her album? Let’s just say the chances are good.

We are so excited that she agreed to do an interview. As you will see, she is delightful as well as talented.

How far would you go for beauty?

Far enough to consider actions I’ve taken to feel beautiful going “against myself”. The level of beautiful I want* to be or wish* I could be is something that’s always changing and really is a never-ending cycle if I don’t accept myself as I am.

Where was your first show as a fan? as a performer?

I was pretty sheltered when it came to secular music up until I was 13-14. My first favorite artist was John Mayer and my dad bought my brother and I tickets to his show in 2010. I found out at church. I cried. Our seats were at the very top row of American Airlines Center in Dallas but we showed up about 3,000 hours early and were gifted front row tickets by JM’s tour managers- he bought out the front row for “super fans”. True story. There are people I met at that show who have since come to my shows. Music is insane. My first show as a performer was in a little bar in Ben Wheeler, TX. I’m pretty sure a cow or goat were in the audience.

Were you in beauty pageants?

I was not! A few friends of mine were. I’m from a small town in Texas and beauty standards were definitely through the roof. School felt like a beauty pageant sometimes.

Is revenge good for anything?

Yes.. just kidding… no.. but really.

Do you prefer Gwen Stefani’s solo music or music from No Doubt?

I have been listening to No Doubt more in recent months but I have no preference. Anything that she touches is straight from another universe to me.

What do you like about your hometown?

For me, there are always new opportunities to extend tolerance and love to someone you really don’t want to. It taught me how to embrace who I am and embrace feeling different. There were also real life trolls who obsess over your life because they are bored, so I got some good practice for The Internet!

Are there any causes/organizations that you are involved with?

I am involved in Drug and Alcohol recovery organizations and mental health awareness organizations. I am very passionate about showing people that they’re not alone like someone did for me.

Does someone sing “Crimson and Clover” to you on a regular basis?

Yes and I never understood it or questioned it until this interview.

What do you want people to know about you?

I am honoring my vision the best I can and being as truthful as I can because it’s the only option I have left. My solution to anything is music and isolation and I’m so grateful to listeners for giving me this outlet and giving me a way to connect with other humans. I’ve been told my whole life that I talk too much and I have a productive place now to put all of the “it” going on in my brain thanks to you.

Find Clover the Girl’s music here.

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