Cold Case Quest: Bobbie Ann Waymire

bobbie ann waymire
Bobbie Ann Waymire

It has been 47 years since Bobbie Ann Waymire was found on the roadside in Fairborn, Ohio. The Clark County Sheriff’s office believed that she was strangled in an unknown location and then dumped on the side of Haddix Road.

The investigators looked at one man who was an officer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The man was also Bobbie Ann’s boyfriend at the time and the last person who was known to see her. At the time, the sheriff’s office did not have enough evidence to charge the boyfriend with homicide. It was 1972 and DNA was not even a glimmer in anyone’s mind.

In 1998, her son asked for the DNA evidence from Bobbie Ann’s fingernails to be tested. Unfortunately, there was not any other DNA but her own. In 2007, Bobbie Ann’s son asked investigators to look at the case again. I haven’t found anything that says there was new information. It seems like most people still suspect the boyfriend but he has never been formally charged. I’m not even sure if he was questioned again in 2007. It also appears that the boyfriend has gotten away with murder.

Anyone with information about the investigation should call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 937-328-2560. The sheriff’s office also has a website at


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