Morphide: #AtoZChallenge

Who: Morphide of Copenhagen, Denmark

Chris: guitar, songwriter
Eissa: vocals

Currently searching for a drummer. So if you’re interested in the job, get in touch with the band.

What: Alternative/Progressive Metal.


They have a new album, Mayhem. Plus a post-apocalyptic video to go with it. So far I still enjoy post-apocalyptic stuff. Even if you don’t enjoy the video, the music is still pretty awesome. Check out the video and the links below.

Why are metal bands from Scandanavian countries so good? I don’t have the answer but if you have an opinion, please share it with us.



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The post is part of the 2020 installment of the A to Z Challenge. My topic for 2020 is Rock Goddesses. All of the bands have female lead singers.

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  1. I’m not sure about why metal bands from Scandinavia are so good, but I have a broader theory that so much great music comes from countries and parts of the world with cold, bleak climates. There are exceptions to that theory of course, but when you think of some of the greatest rock bands over the past 65 years or so, many originated in the UK, Canada, and Northern Europe.

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