Flawless Friday Video: Tatiana Hazel

tatiana hazel

Chicago native Tatiana Hazel has a video for her whole DUALITY album. The music is pop but not the terrible stuff.

Hazel’s music is worth a listen. Her music reminds me a little bit of Madonna or Selena. Of course, Hazel is herself, which is awesome.

The video for the album is like watching a concert in an actual disco club or a runway but you’re still in your living room. Bring your own beverage to the Tatiana Hazel party.


Links to “Friends” music: https://cmg.ffm.to/promfriends



2 responses to “Flawless Friday Video: Tatiana Hazel”

  1. Well this is just lovely, both sonically and visually!

    1. I love her music. It really is lovely! 🙂

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