Quarantine Interview: AWEFUL

AWEFUL is a “Post-garage-punk-grunge trio” from Chicago. I like their playful nature as well as their music. How many times do you think they laugh about people saying “Let’s go see that AWEFUL band . . .”? You have to love the play on words. They aren’t awful. . . . they are AWE-ful.

Please welcome AWEFUL to the blog.



Where have you been staying in 2020?

We all live in Chicago, IL.

What have you been doing during times of quarantine?

Playing music, writing, recording, hanging with cats, working, cooking, helping others, figuring out what to do next

Have you found or re-found any hobbies?

Cooking, physical fitness, awareness

What have you been listening to lately?

Ministry, Actors, Bootblacks, Melkbelly, Bad Nerves, Duran Duran, Beach House

Has your songwriting process changed this year?

Not really

Is there any message that you would like to convey to fans or soon-to-be fans?

Be true to yourself. Don’t care about anyone else’s opinion.

What is something positive that has happened to you during 2020?

We recorded a few songs and played a few shows.

Gee, that's awfully nice of you.

Connect with AWEFUL

Live show:

Thursday March 25th

Reggie’s Music Joint

 2105 S State St, Chicago, IL 60616

The Rumours/AWEFUL/Sex Dream $10 doors 8pm show 9pm.






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  1. They certainly get right to the point!

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