Sleep Deprived Music Review: Elephant Micah

elephant micah

While listening to Elephant Michah’s album, Vague Tidings, I feel like I should be on my imaginary horse, Honeybelle, headed off to find whatever destiny awaits us. If I was a musician, I would learn all of the words to every song on this album and sing them to Honeybelle while traveling, camping, and combing her hair. We’d be living our best life out on the road.

I would say that Elephant Micah is folk rock with a bit of Americana. Everything on this album could probably also be played in the post-Apocalyptic pony express movie, “The Postman.” My favorite song on this album is “Occidental Blue.” “Vague Tidings” would be a good song to sing to your horse.

This album reminds me of how much I cannot wait to travel again. Last summer, we should have been going on a Route 66 tour. Unfortunately, like everyone else, we were stuck at home. We did not get our kicks on Route 66.

Elephant Micah is the project of songwriter, Joseph O’Connell. He was inspired by a 2006 DIY tour that he participated in while in Alaska. Thank goodness that the trip happened, otherwise we might not be listening to this album. By the way, the album is officially available tomorrow, April 9, so check out the usual places and also the links below.

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