Second Hand Book Challenge

second hand book challenge
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Last March, I was going to start doing second-hand book challenge posts about book hauls from thrift stores. Then most bookstores were shut down. I was hunting for flour and toilet paper instead of books.

This post is a year in the making. It’s such a long time for such a simple post. Pandemics can get in the way of so many things.

So last weekend was the weekend to go hunting for used books.

One book I had heard of before. One I have heard of the author. The other two are new to me in all ways.

What have you guys found at the bookstore?

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      1. I liked it, but it was very hard to follow because of the constant time changes. I also saw the movie, which was OK, but obviously had to cut out a lot of what was in the book.

  1. Yeah, I started Time Traveler’s Wife but put it aside to try again another time. I don’t remember why, but maybe it was the time changes.

    Also, admittedly, I’ve become a terrible traitor to books. I only read in my Kindle now. Mainly because it has its own light source for night reading. 🙂

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