Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kaylee Elizabeth

kaylee elizabeth

Seattle-based singer/songwriter, Kaylee Elizabeth, will be releasing her debut album, Playing with Fire, on June 11. Write it down on your calendar! Set an alert so you remember to support the release of this new album!

The lyrics seem very heartfelt and honest. Kaylee spent time in Ireland studying traditional singing. I think you can hear the influences of her time in Ireland in her singing and songwriting.

Her music reminds me a little bit of Joni Mitchell and Carole King. Maybe someday she will find someone to be the Carole King to her Joni Mitchell. She might not need a partner but collaboration can be good for the creative process. On this album, she had the help of several musicians including Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver, Beck, The Shins), Sean Lane (Pedro the Lion, Perfume Genius), Michael Porter and Zander Hawley.

“The saying ‘playing with fire’ encapsulates the tension that this album holds for me,” she explains. “It also explores the fleeting and temporal nature of things and how realizing that delicacy gives perspective. This album shares my doubts, prayers, and gratitude of the last handful of years.”

Well, this is a good album to play while you dance around the computer room with your needy cat. Dancing with cats isn’t scientifically proven to be bad for the creative process. We made it through most of “Passing Through” before he was ready for his next adventure. I enjoyed “Playing with Fire” without the company of the needy cat.

You won’t need a dancing pet to enjoy this album. Hopefully, you will also be a new fan of Kaylee Elizabeth.

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  1. She has a hauntingly beautiful singing voice.

    1. Exactly! Consider us haunted. 😉

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