The Poster Fairy from The Poster Store Visits

poster store

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you a story about how the Poster Fairy from the Poster Store has helped get me get past the many years-long decorating quandaries. You wouldn’t think that choosing a few posters or hanging up prints could make a difference. Let’s just say that I rearranged, repainted, and re-floored two rooms in the house with a little inspiration from the Poster Fairy. I don’t know if I could have finished any of the DIY projects without her. 

I have lived in this house for six years and haven’t really decorated or even changed the furniture around. The pictures of my kids were hung up sometime between years one and two. I was usually busy working or doing mom things so the home decor was not a priority. The house had become so boring and not really reflective of all of the interesting people that live here. 

My mom and another family member would stop by all of the time with things for the house or hint about interior design in some way. My mom brought over a wall decoration two springs ago. Other friends would say, “Hey, you should put up some of your kid’s art up.” I mean, my kids are talented artists so it counts as wall art. 

So this year has brought some big changes to our household. My mom passed away in January. For Christmas two years ago, she offered everyone the chance to either have her do something for them or to teach them how to do something. For example, she knew how to can and knit so she was going to teach other family members how to do those things. She was always hinting about helping me with the house as my Christmas gift. The pandemic hit and I didn’t get the chance to get the gift. 

Well, you guys we have been changing the home decor in a serious way this summer.  We finally finished the living room floors. So the kids and I painted the walls. I moved on to the computer room – removed the carpet, painted, and put in a new floor. Then things came to a halt. I did not know what to put on the walls. 

Also, in the process of doing the floors and painting, I broke at least three four picture frames, a princess piggy bank, a bell, and at least two other things. Anyway, I was short on picture frames. It’s been a while since I’ve put up any new art or photos. I’m not saying it’s been two years but possibly, two years. 

So the Poster Fairy from the Poster Store must have sensed my dilemma. She said “Come over to our website. We have frames and unique prints. It’s totally affordable.” 

Did the Poster Fairy know that I also broke one piggy bank and didn’t want to break another piggy bank in order to make a cool gallery wall? She wasn’t lying. The picture frame quality is excellent. I dropped one of the frames four five times and it did not break. If you are a little accident-prone, I highly recommend the picture frames.

I chose several prints from the animal section. The kids love animals so I chose some adorable animal prints.

poster store

The posters and prints were affordable. The paper quality of the prints is pretty awesome. The quality is so good that I feel a little bit fancy having fancy prints on my new fancy gallery walls.

The wall in the computer room is now the “Rock and Roll” wall – all rock and roll and roller skates.

poster store

The living room wall is more of an Eiffel Tower and Billie Holiday vibe. The Poster Fairy knows what’s up.

poster store
poster store

I wish that my mom was here to see how different the house looks. She would have loved the Poster Fairy and the Poster Store. 

P.S. If you want to shop at the Poster Store, there is a discount code: chasing50. Use the discount code to 50% off posters (not including selection posters) now through August 25th. 

P.P.S. The Poster Fairy gave me a really good deal if I shared photos of my new prints. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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