Marilyn Blassingame Randolph: Cold Case Quest

marilyn blassingame randolph

Marilyn Blassingame Randolph was 35 years old at the time of her death. She would have been about 56 years- old in 2021.

The date of Marilyn’s homicide was Monday, January 10, 2000. It was the second homicide of the year 2000 in Cincinnati.

The boyfriend had just gotten off of work. He came to the apartment and found her in the bed. Marilyn was found by her boyfriend between 9:45 a.m. and 10 a.m. She was beaten and strangled. There was a pillow covering her face.

There is not very much information about the Marilyn Blassingame Randolph case. I could only find two newspaper articles and no photos. I haven’t done enough research on other cases to say that there could be a connection to this case.

I’m not sure why the case went cold. It could be the usual reasons – no suspects, no witnesses, not enough evidence. If anyone hasn’t come forward with information about Randolph’s homicide, now would be a good time.

Who to contact about Marilyn Blassingame Randolph: 

marilyn blassingame randolph
Crime Stoppers :1-888-352-3040 or Cincinnati Police: 513- 352-3542

Cold Case Quest

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  1. It’s incredible to realize there are a significant number of unsolved cases — with some possibly being able to be resolved because someone is holding onto so important information. Hopefully this case is one that gets solved.

    1. There are so many unsolved cases. I hope this one gets solved too.

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