Sleep Deprived Music Review: Jennah Bell

jennah bell

On her Twitter, Jennah Bell says that she writes “sad bangers.” You can still dance to sad bangers even if it is by yourself or embarrassing your kids at the store. She released Anchors and Elephants in 2019. I think it is a lovely album worthy of a million good music reviews or likes on YouTube.

Her music is a mix of everything beautiful – melancholy with a beat made for busting a move. My favorite songs on the album are “Chapter 3: The Hatchet” and “Everybody Likes to Party.” I started doing music reviews because I liked to party and go to concerts. So a music blog seemed like a good idea. The blog is still here doing music posts so that’s positive.

Someday I might hear Jennah Bell on my middle kid’s playlist. They are sixteen and play the most unexpected music. Yesterday it was Led Zeppelin. Tomorrow, it could be show tunes. I don’t think they have read the blog yet so I could send them subliminal messages about Jennah Bell.

An actual message would say this: Panda, listen to this Jennah Bell album. I think you will like her music. It’s on that blog that I do with the music reviews. Have you seen it yet? Anyway, go listen to Jennah Bell’s music.

If I could listen to this album, anywhere I would choose an empty store. Most stores usually have pretty wide aisles, decent floors, and a system for playing music. If my kids are embarrassed by my dancing, it’s fine. They will survive.



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