Cold Case Quest: Donna Stallings

Donna Stallings

On Saturday, March 18, 1978, Donna Stallings was entering her apartment building when someone shot her. The bullet struck her in the head. As a result of the gunshot wound, Stallings passed away in the hospital on Wednesday, March 22, 1978. She was 26 years old. Stallings was a mother and a student at a local university.

The police stated that the motive was robbery. The killer stole several hundred dollars from Stalling’s purse. Why would anyone murder someone over a relatively small amount of money?

Her case could be connected to three other robbery-related homicides that occurred in 1977 and 1978. The homicides of JoAnn Roberson, JoAnn Atkins, and Geraldine Price are still open cases . On the Ohio Attorney General’s page, Atkins is listed as JoAnn Akins and Price is listed as Geraldine Pride.

There was one suspect that was on the Cincinnati Police Department’s radar in 1980. The person was familiar with Cincinnati but had moved out of state. Another string of similar murders took place near the suspect’s new location. Although it seemed unlikely, someone else committed the second set of murders. Here is an article with more information:

What about the cases in Cincinnati? Without convincing evidence or witnesses, homicide cases often get shelved. The homicide cases of Stallings and the other women are still unsolved. Please come forward with any information that could help solve these homicides. The families of the victims are still waiting for justice.

Cincinnati Police Homicide Unit: 513-352-3542. Greater Cincinnati Crime Stoppers

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