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Mellification can refer to: The making or production of honey; The (possibly fictitious) process of producing human mummy confection. – Wikipedia


The Mellification by Nat Buchbinder is set in the catacombs under the Green Hill Cemetery. Apparently, humans can become vampires by eating honey that was made in or from human remains of one man.

In this book, it is called taking the “Honey Route.” Before the man died, he ate nothing but honey. After he sacrificed himself, someone else covered his body in honey, which preserved the body while it also deteriorated. Now those who want to become vampires, can buy a vial of the honey on the internet.

I think I would rather be made a vampire the old fashioned way.


Holly is a transgender vampire who has requested a name change. In this vampire colony, a name change is a sacred rite of passage. Holly wants the name change in order to proceed with their life as a male. In real life, people have to jump through hoops to get the gender changed on their forms of ID. It can be a long process. At this point, Holly has waited about ten years for a name change. He’s tired of waiting but everyone is still telling him to be patient.

Holly notices that weird things are going on in the catacombs. He gets trapped in the library. By summoning his spirit animal, Holly was able to escape by turning into a swarm of bees. There are a lot of bee and honey references. Holly feels like the vampire colony is becoming more like a bee colony. He isn’t a fan of all of the new rules. I don’t think he would appreciate a good bee joke like  “What’s a happy bumblebee’s blood type? Bee positive!”

Holly tries to get his boyfriend, Cain, to leave the colony so they can beeeeeee together. Will Cain leave with Holly? Will the colony be wiped out by vampire hunters?


If you are a bee keeper who is also interested in vampires, then this book could bee the one for you. Also, you might enjoy this book if you want to read more about transgender vampires.

If you don’t like bees or vampires of every gender, then it sucks to bee you.

  • I received this ebook from NetGalley. All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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