TikTok Heart Glasses:Poetry Maybe #25


When they were youthful
and could still kneel

to pray that the other one

would return their devotion

out in the open in front of

brothers and sisters

friends and strangers.

before the winter ball
they could take off their TikTok heart glasses

and see for themselves that love is genuine
and dangerous.

when they touch for their first dance
it’s not typical to feel so in tune and riveted to the other.

every moment becomes permeated even though

they can’t express one word out loud.

it doesn’t mean i don’t think about you

too much. it’s too much

why is it so maddening to have a

magical tenderness

  • to be a star in your constellation

Until we become separated by a notable distance

this was going to be my canvas
to show how much the glow
was because I worshipped every
flawless piece and every part that went haywire.
kindly tell me that

love wasn’t staged for the tiktok video.

that we could have gone to every event together –
feed the polar bears
save the corks from the wine bottles that we emptied years ago

and make a nightstand.

sew a quilt with so many layers to reinforce our compatibility

it doesn’t have to be


like when I made a heart-shaped cake.

and left it at the abandoned house

with the polar bears

who were longing
to not endanger anyone

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