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For the Persephone prompt in the Women in MythaThon readathon, I chose Persephone by Kaitlin Bevis.

Imagine being a teenage girl in modern times and discovering that you are a Goddess. In Persephone Persephone only discovers that she is the actual Goddess Persephone after a kidnapping attempt. Her mother, Demeter, sends her to the Underworld to protect her from danger.

In Greek mythology, Persephone is kidnapped by Hades. Her mother finds out where she is and demands her return. Demeter refused to let anything grow until her daughter was returned. Zeus finally agrees but says that Persephone has to return to the Underworld with Hades for part of the year. So when spring returns, it is supposed to be when Persephone has returned to the earth. When the winter arrives, it is a sign that she has returned to the Underworld.

Have I mentioned that Persephone is also the daughter of Zeus and wife of Hades? In this book, they were married after just one kiss. Can you imagine being married to a person, much less the God of the Underworld, due to one kiss? They do like each other so maybe their marriage will last for awhile.

Also, in the book, Hades is not the kidnapper. Boreas, the God of the North Wind, attempts to kidnap Persephone. He is persistent and vicious. I have a little trouble imagining what he looks like. He is probably cold and invisible like the wind most of the time.

Cassandra, who was the sister of Paris of Troy, is Hades right hand woman. She was had visions but was later cursed by Apollo so that no one believed her prophecies. She was murdered by Clytemnestra, which is how she ended up in the Underworld. It seems like Hades believes her visions so at least one curse has been broken. In this version of events, Cassandra also has to spend eternity with Helen of Troy. They make the best of an awkward situation.

If you are looking for a retelling of Greek Mythology then you will enjoy Persephone. Personally, I think Persephone is an interesting character in the book and in mythology in general.

If you just want the real mythology, then be prepared for a creep show thanks to Hades and Zeus. They put the fun in dysfunction, I guess. Let me know what you think of the book of if you have other suggestions.

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