116 Days of Summer Guests: A Moments Notice

A Moments Notice


Hey everyone, we are A Moments Notice and my name is Greg Molina. I am the Lead Vocalist and founder of the band in 2021 originally starting as a solo project. The group was at one time never suppose to leave the internet and after releasing two singles the group became a band, I never imagined getting back on stage after 13 years of not performing with my own band. The band is from Sacramento California as a project with only two members with the increasing fan base the band was formed 2 months after our first single “Silver Lining” on November 5th.


Politically, I am indifferent about both sides. I do feel passionately about a bunch of topics, and I speak about them in our music a lot. I grew up poor and not having much of a choice to do what others who had wealth were cable of always left a sour taste in my mouth. I do not get into specifics, but I will say we are all entitled to believe what we want but it is never okay to push one’s beliefs on to others.


I got to admit this, and it will not come to a shock to those who know me but Star Wars, Doctor Who and Anime is a constant in my life. I have been the hugest nerd ever since I was a little kid. If any fans ever want to talk about these topics, I am 100% down to have some awesome nerdy moments.


Traveling does not bother me too much; I was in the military, so I feel like this was common for me and the long days of touring and being on the road made me feel right at home. The laughter and inside jokes on tours is bar none one of my favorite things ever.

Tour can be hard on our bodies and a lot of the time I tend to avoid talking a lot to protect my vocal cords. Tea is necessary for me on tour if I am having my morning tea it means that day is going exactly right.


Bucket lists playing overseas would be amazing, UK, Europe, Australia and even Canada would be awesome. I just want to be on the road with my best friends and have an enjoyable time. Meet some awesome bands and make new friends.


Music has gone all over the place; we found this sound in a very odd way to be honest. I personally do not know how to say what genre we are, but I would say metalcore, but we have deathcore and hardcore aspects to it.

We have been focusing heavily on our record and getting our sound exactly right. Our Debut album releases August 19th called LOTUS. We are hoping people like what we have to offer and share our music more.


Summer and Music to me means sun, fun, festivals & BBQs. But this summer we focused on the record and the rest of the year we are playing shows and anything there is to offer. Summer California heat practices though are brutal I will admit it is a lot of fun and really displays the challenging work we have put in.


One secret about me is that despite my military background I am not huge about talking about it even though I will not tell someone to stop asking. I am a little too polite at times. Truths for the band is that none of the members knew each other prior to this band forming and we were not sure if it would even work out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thank you to Chasing Destino for the
opportunity of doing this guest post. Do keep safe and please do take a listen to our music on any streaming platform.

116 Days of Summer Guests

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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