Stalking My Garden: Luring a Predator

stalking my garden: luring a predator

Last week, I learned that squirrels like cucumbers and tomatoes. As a gardener with several cucumber and tomato plants, the idea of a squirrel rummaging through my garden is terrifying.

Apparently, squirrels will take a bite of whatever they want and then run off -sort of like a toddler. I do have some bird netting to keep the animals out but it’s not enough to protect the whole garden.

Another option would be to put a feeder out for the squirrels. However, I think they might still steal the tomatoes.

So after researching squirrel control options, I decided to buy an owl house. The plan is to lure an owl to live rent free near the garden. The only thing that the owl needs to do in exchange is to keep the squirrels away from what I hope is a bountiful harvest.

Also, if the owl would let me take a photo or two that would be great. Maybe I should buy a bird feeder with a camera.

The owl house arrived yesterday so I will keep you posted.

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