Esperfall: Flawless Friday Video


Esperfall has a new video out for their song, “Plato’s Cave,” which is the Flawless Friday Video this week. The video is straightforward and uncomplicated. Yet, it is elegant and hauntingly beautiful. It would be cool to catch Esperfall’s live show at a haunted location.

“For this music video we were aiming for a kind of primal setting so we decided to shoot the video in the wild open, in the middle of nowhere. The dark of the night and the use of fire in the video is also a nice match for the story that the song is trying to tell. The shooting was extremely intense and was done in a record time as there was an approaching storm constantly looming over our heads, urging us to wrap up the process as soon as possible… We barely managed to finish all the takes before the storm arrived with heavy rains and thunder. The lightning strikes that can be seen in the music video are 100% real” – Zakk (drums).



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