116 Days of Summer Guests: Sweet Kill

sweet kill
 Pete of The Sweet Kill in L.A.,

Social issues/causes

I care deeply about connection to those who are afflicted and lost in the depth of despair. Art has taught me to be vulnerable about the hardships for the purpose of identification. To connect through common problems is the start but this screams for an alternative. Art has always been the medium where I feel free to be me and to search for a deeper purpose in the minutia of life. Art is love love is art. I love hard.

Nerdy/geeky things
Medical times and anything gothic. I love the dynamic and forbidden romance of that era. 

Travel/tour related stuff
 I miss touring looking forward to getting out and meeting those who love the Darkwave/post-punk genre! Its so inspiringly powerful and profound to meet so many like-minded souls.

Bucket Lists
Play WGT festival in Germany, big wave surf

Anything music related
The Sweet Kill have a bunch of new videos to promote the latest album release DARKNESS

Anything summer-related: past, present or future
Our vinyl will be available in the fall so our first show in 2022 is slated for that time 

Truth, Secrets, possibilities, etc.
I own Shadow Zone Sound recording studio and have been in hear all of 2022 writing the next album which is tentatively titled “From Nowhere With Love” . I plan on having all the videos for the singles all be an exertion of each other kinda like a short film. Super to stoked to reveal this visual experience to the world and fans of the Dark & Gothic genre. Speaking of Dark & Gothic I’ve created a playlist entitled “Dark & Gothic 2022” which showcases past and present darkwave greatness. Please follow for an amazing sonic experience. 



116 Days of Summer Guests

Music Reviews

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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