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This past May, Los Saints of Chula Vista, California presented their EP, Welcome to Confusion. If you’re looking for music that would fit the mood for a midnight drive or a day at the beach, then look no further than Los Saints.

Today, we are glad to have Los Saints lead vocalist, Angel Marical, join us for a Q & A session. Please welcome Angel Mariscal to the blog!

Los Saints

Los Saints Interview

Who is answering the questions?

Angel Mariscal, frontman

How are you spending your summer?

It’s different, but still very much us. This band has always been about, staying outside a box in terms of genre, and this album will be a good example of that.

How do you deal with stage fright?

I remind myself why I’m performing and who I’m performing for, aka everyone who came out to see us! Basically, I try to avoid JUST being in the moment, and keeping the bigger picture of why I began this journey with my friends in the first place.

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

That’s a tough answer because i’d love to perform with my biggest inspiration Cage The Elephant, but I also want to want to collab with anyone and everyone who’s music I think sounds great. Basically I want to work with other artist the same way that Kevin Parker does!

Who or what inspired you to be a musician?

My parents are the one’s that introduced me to the world of playing music. They’re tastes in music and everything I’ve heard growing up inspired my desire to create my own. The realization that music has an insane amount of room for self expression led me to ultimately give it a shot and support from my friend and family, especially my cousin Emiliano (drummer) pushed me to stick with it.

If you went back in time to 1984, would you be alright with the lack of technology?

One hundred percent, as long as the passion is there, i’m sure i could find a way to make a song using what was available in the 80’s, like sticks and stones. On a serious note though, the synth era?? YES!

What’s the best place to eat in Chula Vista?

At home. The best place that makes food to take home though would probably be…Tacos El Gordo de Tijuana.

What is the secret to songwriting?

Pay attention to your emotions and get it on lock before your writing is set in stone. Even if it means lyrics coming last, as long as you know the mood that you want to express, the rest follows. For me, despite always getting a vocal melody in my head first, I usually get a bass or keys melody laid on my daw first to set the song’s atmosphere, then i follow with the lead on guitars and such, then put the cherry on top with lyrics.

What do you want your soon-to-be fans to know about the band?

If you listen to us we’ll give you free quality dopamine.



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  1. I love these guys! Learned about them the other day on another blog.

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