The Good House: Spooktober Book Review

the good house

Sacajawea, Washington is the setting for The Good House by Tananarive Due. The house belonged to Angela Toussaint’s late grandmother.

Everyone called it the Good House for one of several reasons: 1. It was built by a man named Elijah Goode. 2. It was the only house to withstand a mudslide. 3. Everyone loved Angela’s grandmother, Marie Toussaint, who may have been a Voodoo practitioner.

Decades later Angela returns to Sacajawea with her son Corey to spend the summer. On the 4th of July, Corey commits suicide at a party that his mother was hosting.

Many years ago, Marie may have accidentally put a curse on the house and the community. She may have offended Papa Legba. Somehow the curse was dormant for a long time.

Angela begins to put the pieces together two years after Corey’s death. Strange things have been happening but Angie is just now putting the pieces together. A neighbor commits suicide. There are weird things happening in the upstairs bathroom. A family friend commits murder. Her ex-husband might also be a homicidal maniac.

On the plus side, she reconnects with an old boyfriend and begins to understand what her son was going through at the time of his death.

She does some research on the house and her grandmother. The research plus some papers of her grandmother help her to figure out how to fix the curse that her grandmother is responsible for and that Corey reawakened.

Angela has to face at least one demon who is in the form of her ex. It seems like a lot to deal with. Some people would be glad to fight with their toxic ex on last time. Hopefully, she is ready to face all of her demons in whatever form they take.

The Good House Recommendation

If you are fascinated by voodoo stories that take place in the past, present and future, then you will love The Good House.

If you have Rhabdophobia, the fear of magic, then this book will definitely scare you.

the good house

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