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In theory, the Black Friday Book Tag should only be done, or scheduled to go up, on Black Friday! However, we don’t always play by the rules while doing book tags. So whenever you want to post it, it’s probably fine. This tag was created by Kelly at Books I’m Not Reading.

1. What book would you stand in line at 2am in the freezing cold to buy?

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I would stand out in the cold to buy a Rebecca Roanhorse book. Hopefully, it won’t come to that. Ever.

Black Sun: Book Riot #bookreview

2. Would you ever fight someone over the last copy of a book? If so, what book?

Akata Woman (The Nsibidi Scripts, #3)

I would fight to be able to take home Akata Woman so that I can finish series.

Akata Witch

3. What signed first edition would you sacrifice a body part for? What body part?

I would choose Frankenstein. Would it matter what body part? I guess I would sacrifice my right kidney.

4. What is the best deal you’ve ever gotten on a book?

5. Given the choice, would you rather spend Black Friday reading or buying books?

The book was under $10 and was also signed by an actor from a play. I think it was a play.

6. What is the longest you would wait in line for a signing by your favorite author?

I would stand in line for at least 12 hours to have Margaret Atwood or Amy Tan sign a book.

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7. What Booktuber would you most like to wait with you in that same line?

I would wait with Noah from In-between The Lines. Noah seems like he knows how to have fun.

8. If you’re the Booktuber named in question seven, you’re tagged!

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  1. This seems like a really fun tag! As for the body part- does sacrificing a single strand of hair count? And I think I’d probably stand in the freezing cold at two am for a lot of books haha. Loved seeing your answers! <3

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