Cold Case Quest: Candice Taylor

The family of Columbus resident Candice Taylor still wants to know what happened in March 2017 that led to only her legs being found in a dumpster. 21-year-old Taylor was last seen around March 17, 2017.

On March 28, 2017, human legs and a boot were found at a local south side trash collecting site. However, it took approximately two years to identify that the legs belonged to Candice Taylor.

The family and friends have posted on the Justice for Candice Taylor page that her boyfriend and another person could have been involved. Taylor’s apartment that she shared with the boyfriend was about a 15 minute drive or between 8 and 8.6 miles from the trash collecting site.

The police said that the trash collector’s route was in New Albany, Dublin, Hilliard and the west side of Columbus. How likely would it be for the boyfriend to place her body at the dumpster or in a garbage truck? If it’s not the boyfriend, then who would commit this crime?

Due to a lack of physical evidence and witnesses, Candice Taylor’s case has gone cold. Her family has not given up on finding the person or persons responsible for ending her life. Candice was working at a pharmacy and hoping to further her education.

If anyone has any information about Taylor’s homicide, please come forward. The Taylor family deserves justice for Candice more than the responsible person deserves freedom.

Tips can be submitted anonymously at Central Ohio Crime Stoppers or by contacting the Columbus Police Department.


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  1. OMG, how gruesome and sad, and such a horrible thing for her family to have to live with!

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