Top Ten Tuesday: Books too Good to Review

too good to review

Since the theme for Top Ten Tuesday is a TTT Rewind, my topic is “Books too Good to Review.” For the TTT Rewind, you can choose to focus on any topic from the past.

There are several reasons why I believe a book can be too good to review. The main reason is that the book is beyond reproach is because they are so personal. The Diary of a Young Girl, The Fire Next Time and The Autobiography of Malcolm X are examples of books that are extremely personal to the author

Another reason for not doing a review is that the book is written so well. The Odyssey, Frankenstein and One Hundred Years of Solitude are some of the best works of literature ever made. The Art of War and Lord of the Flies could also be included on the list for being almost perfect.

The other reason that I have for not doing reviews is that the books may be great but also too disturbing and realistic. Helter Skelter and Alive are all great books but difficult to discuss without talking about nitty gritty stuff that actually happened. I don’t feel the same way about fictional horror novels.

Anyway, I highly recommend all of these books but I won’t be doing reviews on any of them. Ever. . . I cannot write a review that says anything beyond “It’s perfect. Please read it.” Thanks for understanding.

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