Cold Case Quest: Carla Hagwood

carla hagwood

Carla Hagwood, 27, was found deceased due to a gunshot wound on April 10, 1993 in Alum Creek. Hagwood was found near Sunbury and Mock Road, which is 4.6 miles or 10 min drive from the E. Main St. area that she frequented as a prostitute. The police believe that her body was placed in Alum Creek after her death.

Since Hagwood was killed within seven days and in the same manner as another prostitute, Cynthia Davison, the police thought that their cases could be connected. Between 1990 and April 1993, there were at least a dozen homicides of young, Black women with links to prostitution.

The police department was trying to determine if there was a serial killer. Several of the cases were similar to Hagwood’s homicide:  Lisa Denby, Cynthia Davison, Brenda Mitchell and Tarienna Glenn.

Part of the reason for the cases not being solved was a lack of communication between departments. There was a task force formed after the powers that be recognized that no one was communicating effectively about a possible serial killer. Samuel Legg III was arrested for three murders in Ohio and Illinois. He is suspected of having committed more homicides but hasn’t been linked to any others yet.

We definitely want there to be justice for Hagwood and the other women. They have family members who miss them and want their cases solved.

If you have any information, please contact the Columbus Police Department or Central Ohio Crimestoppers at the links or phone numbers listed below. If you happen to have a photograph of Carla Hagwood, please contact me at Chasing Destino on Facebook.

Carla Hagwood Links

carla hagwood

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