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As someone who loves shows about any and every royal court, I appreciate Rodney Cromwell’s EP, “The Winter Palace Remixes.” The EP could help start the party at the palace during any season. So it is the choice for the album of the week. I imagine that the winter palace probably needs a remix EP for promenading down the great hall.

Synthpop artist Cromwell has enlisted the assistance of Gemma Cullingford and Infra Violet. The album makes me wish that there was a great hall or a ballroom at our disposal. The music should be played very loudly. I may have to play it while in the garden. We won’t care if it annoys the neighbor’s dogs and children. They probably don’t know what good music is yet but they will soon enough.

If Queen Charlotte heard “The Winter Palaces Remixes,” she would enjoy the EP as much as anyone. She probably wouldn’t even mind that I took a break from watching “Queen Charlotte” to listen to Cromwell’s EP again.

Cromwell will be doing a series of shows at the beginning of June. Tickets are still available if you would like to catch a live show. If anyone dresses up like royalty at the show, I would like to see the photos. In the meantime, check out all of the links for Rodney Cromwell.

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