If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come: #bookreview

if tomorrow doesn't come

If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come by Jen St. Jude is set on the campus of Eaton College and Kilkenny, New Hampshire. Since an asteroid will be approaching in nine days, everyone is trying to get somewhere before the world ends. The actual Kilkenny, New Hampshire doesn’t have any inhabitants so it might be the best place to be in the case of a real cataclysmic event. It seems as good of a place as any.

Avery Byrne has been attending Eaton College but things have not been going well. She has been depressed, failing classes, and has been kicked off of the soccer team. Avery actually contemplates suicide on the morning that everyone finds out about the asteroid. A phone call from her best friend, Cass, stops her from following through with the plan.

Avery is like so many people that are going through a rough time and lose hope. When she finds out about the asteroid, she has a purpose – Avery wants to see Cass before the end of the world. She is in love with Cass but they had a falling out before she could express her feelings. Avery is gay but hasn’t really told anyone including Cass.

Cass is a person that many of us would aspire to be – intelligent, artistic, and fun. She was living her best life in the city. It sounds like a dream life to be studying art and fashion. Hindsight is 20/20.

Avery ends up traveling home with her roommate Aisha, Professor Talley, and his pit bull. Professor Talley recently failed Avery in a literature class. It had to be an awkward situation to be in a car with someone who may dislike you or at least not understand you.

Sometimes it takes a major event to change a person’s life. It doesn’t have to be an asteroid to make an impact. So I understand the feeling that Avery has when she is trying to fix things while she can. It’s an interesting feeling to be so depressed and then have an epiphany. Even if Avery couldn’t fix everything, I was glad that she was present for the days that she has left on earth.

If you enjoy Apocalyptic LGBT+ romances then you will love If Tomorrow Doesn’t Come. If you only like boring books, then it could be time to shake things up by reading this book.

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Thank you to The Write Reads and NetGalley for letting me join this book tour! I hardly even had to beg. I would have pleaded with everyone because I wanted to read this book so much. In my opinion, it was worthy of possibly doing all of the implorings.

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  1. This is certainly a thought provoking title. I’ll be 74 in June and the possibility of tomorrow not arriving for me becomes assured and certainty not a mere possibility.

  2. “If you only like boring books, then it could be time to shake things up by reading this book.”
    I love your approach! lol
    This one sounds like a winner.

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