Nevaris: Track of the Day

Nevaris of Manhattan has an energizing single, “Dub Sol,”that should be on everyone’s summertime playlist. The song, our track of the day, includes a perfect combination of dub, funk and Afro-Latin beats.

 A debut  album from Nevaris, ‘Reverberations,’ will be out on June 2. So you will have plenty of time to plan a party revolving around his music. If you have a “Dub Sol” party, please let us know how it goes.

“This record builds on the momentum from ‘System Breakdown’ and ‘New Future’, which we released in 2020 and 2022 as Loud Apartment. There were dub aspects of those recordings, so Bill Laswell and I decided to create a recording entirely focused on that sound. It was a logical next step and came together in an organic way. We let the music go where it needed to go,” says Nevaris.

Please enjoy Nevaris’s music during all of your events requiring a party vibe.

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