Top Ten Tuesday: Things That Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book

The Top Ten Tuesday theme is “Things That Make Me Instantly NOT Want to Read a Book.” It was more difficult to think of 10 things that turn me away from a book than it probably should be.

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  1. Ick factor. Lolita is icky and weird.

2. Boring. I have not been able to stay awake past the second page of “The Hobbit.” Am I the only one? I never make it to the adventure.

3. Excessive cursing. I am not offended by cursing. If it seems like cursing is too much then what it the point?

Things That Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book

4. Hatefulness and Stereotypes being told as the truth. I probably will never ever read anything by Nazis or KKK members.

5. Copycat. When a book sounds too much like other books, it kind of lacks imagination.

6. Typos. Why go through all of the trouble to get published and have so many typos?

7. Some trigger warnings. Most abusive situations give me anxiety.

8. Bad covers. I don’t want to be in public with a bad cover. There’s a group on Reddit that posts all sorts of bad covers. It’s highly entertaining.

9. Authors that are hateful in real life

10. Things I don’t find interesting: cars, religion, math

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