Activity: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Activity, a darkwave/gothic rock quartet from Brooklyn, NY, will be sending their latest album, Spirit in the Room, into the universe on Friday, August 4th.

The Activity lineup includes Travis Johnson (lead vocals/multi-instrumentalist, formerly of Grooms), Levine (drums), Jess Rees(guitar/vocals/keys), and Bri DiGioia (bass/vocals).

The music definitely embodies the characteristics of Gothic rock. It’s dramatic, melancholy with an emphasis on the bass and drums. Some acts are almost too morbid but not Activity. The band has the right amount of gloom, morbidness and sophistication.When the band comes back to haunt us, their music as a ghost band will be just as poignant as it is now.

As Rees describes the album, “One moment it’s bottomless shearing chaotic noise, and the next it’s a sweet melody. Sometimes at the same time.”

The songs that spoke to me were “Icing,” “Sophia,” and “Department of Blood.” The album might inspire me to make a ghost hunting playlist. Activity’s music would be appropriate to play while preparing to encounter spirits.

As of tomorrow, Spirit in the Room can be found on Bandcamp. Listen to the album and let me know what you think. Check out their links and show dates below.

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