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Somni has written and produced his own album, Gravity, which is full of unconfined lo-fi beats. The music is what I want on my “Finding the Path” playlist. In fact, I just made the playlist on Spotify for use in the future. It’s hard to figure out which path to take sometimes.

The UK-born, LA-based producer and singer-songwriter began making music at a young age. He switched from playing the guitar to making beats. He was trying to discover who he was as an artist.

Somni commented, “I think this album deep down comes from a place of desperation, of anxiety and stress over life and the passage of time. It’s about getting older, trying to figure out a path to tread and realizing the way that the world is set up and that the cards may be stacked against you. It’s about trying to grow as a person and feeling these forces that are at odds with your growth, tugging at you to drop back down into the hole you’ve been inside. That’s where the concept of Gravity comes from; the forces around us and inside of us, that are always pushing against us, and how we can either try to escape these forces or accept the reality of them.”

It seems as though Somni was on the right path. His album, Gravity, releases September 8, 2023

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  1. On a personal note, “The album comes from a place of desperation, of anxiety and stress over life and the passage of time…” Talk about a lot of material for me to work with and relate to lol.

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