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Elk City has a fascinating neo-psychedelic video for “Strong (You’re Not Alone).” Apparently, the band is quite obsessed with cult documentaries. Since I also watch more than my share of shows about cults, the video has been named the Flawless Friday Video for the week.

My friend lived on a commune when they were a kid. One of the first things that I heard their dad say was “Jim Jones sold monkies door to door.” It sounded crazy but it was not a lie.

If you and your friends like to talk about or watch cult documentaries, you should put this album on the playlist for when you get together. The band should have a documentary watching party and/or show with The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Let’s hope that they can make it happen.

For anyone that is a fan of Natalie Merchant, you will almost certainly love Elk City. Their full ‘Undertow’ album is already available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Dance in circles

Wait a while, wait it’s born

Be in your time

Feel your way

Get it what you want-from your life

‘Cuz it’s a beautiful life

It’s your life

Take a turn

Dance until your whole

You’re not alone

Strong (You’re Not Alone) – Elk City

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Flawless Friday Video


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