High Command: Concert Photo Journal

high command

High Command of Massachusets performed at Frankie’s in Toledo on Oct. 1. Their album, Eclipse of the Dual Moons, is available in all of the usual places. Also, check out their merch as well as their music. They have some really cool designs.

Since Frankie’s seems to consist of 99% mosh pit and 1% bar area, it forced me out of my comfort zone. If I wanted pictures, I had to move from the sidelines. No regrets.

However, next time I’m probably going to wear earplugs if I have to stand practically under the speakers. Please don’t send me hate mail about how earplugs are for babies. How can I appreciate High Command for the rest of my days if I can’t hear them?

Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoy the photos and the video of High Command.

high command
high command
high command
high command

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2 responses to “High Command: Concert Photo Journal”

  1. Protect your ears for future shows!😆

    1. Absolutely! New earplugs are in the camera bag. 🙂

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