Mighty Glad: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Mighty Glad was formed after the 2020 collaboration of Rocco DeLuca and Johnny Shepherd on the “Heavy Sun” project. Their debut album, I Quit Again, will be available on October 27th. Mark it on your calendars because I promise that you don’t want to miss it.

The individuals who make up the rest of ensemble include Seth Ford-Young, Ryan Carman, Dylan Day, and Lucas Guerin.

The genre of Mighty Glad would best be decribed as the Delta blues . It’s country and the blues. Their music is like going to church without actually going to church.

Originally, I thought the album was going to be too much like a sermon. Honestly, I was wrong to be afraid. The album is incredibly beautiful. Hopefully, you will all feel and hear the honest emotions intertwined with the gorgeous harmonies.

I think that the album could hold its own next to anyone and everyone in the same genre and beyond. “I’ll Keep the Light,” “Let It Be Shown,” and “Send Me a Message” are just a few of the highlights. “I’ll Keep the Light” is my personal favorite song of Mighty Glad.

In closing, I loved this album. If I could listen to it when questioning my life choices (i.e. all day every day) then that would be cool.

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