Dying Oath: Concert Photo Journal

Dying Oath of Virginia was on The Black Hallows Tour with Casket Robbery, Cultus Black, and Raven Black. We caught the show at The Vortex in Akron.

Lucas talked to the guitarist for a while at their merch booth. The band members seemed really appreciative of the audience.

They had an awesome set! It was our first time seeing them so we weren’t sure what to expect. I can’t wait until they come back to the area. I know what I’m asking Santa to get me for Christmas – at least one of the band’s t-shirts.

Every photographer in attendance was 8 feet tall. Ok, not really but they were tall. I didn’t stand on anyone’s shoulders but it’s a tempting thought. If I could bring my own stepladder, that would be awesome. Until then, I will have to push my way past the giants. The camera was being weird but some of the photos are ok.

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