Casket Robbery: Concert Photo Journal

Casket Robbery at The Vortex in Akron, OH –

Hello everyone,

We also saw Casket Robbery at The Vortex recently. Somehow we managed to sneak in a little early. They might have had some meet and greets or something.

We saw the band at the Michigan Metal Fest so we were looking forward to seeing them again. I did not wear my band t-shirt but I have one as well as a photo of the band on the rock-n-roll wall.

Megan, the lead singer, was at the merch booth so we said hi and talked for a minute. She is really an wonderful person besides being a badass on stage.

After their set, we got our photo taken together. My kid thinks that everyone knows me but that’s not true. Everyone knows Lucas and vice versa. He’s very friendly usually. I am like a wallflower with a camera and a pen. However, I wasn’t too shy to ask to have this picture taken.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see them live, please go to their show.

Casket Robbery
Megan of Casket Robbery and I

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