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sky lions

Sky Lions of Portland, Oregon want to share their latest album plus a music video for “Werewolves” with the world. The album, Inside the Circle, is an offering of synth metal that is unique and mind-blowing. Inside the Circle is beyond worthy of being the album of the week.

Radio Sloan says of the album, “It’s like a metamorphic reality of death and the future. It feels like things we’ve seen. Our sound is that of accepting existence for all its flaws. Sky Lions has a darkness that isn’t entirely heavy metal, post-punk or darkwave. Rather, it’s a culmination of who we have been, who we currently are, and how we interpret the world around us. Moving within that world is the core of our musical expression.

Sky Lions includes Radio Sloan and Outer Space, who have known each other since attending a summer day camp when they were children. They definitely are in tune with each other.

My favorite tracks are “Werewolves” and “Hello Firefly.” Sky Lions combines compelling lyrics and powerful music to make this firekeg of an album. Did my face melt a little? I think so. It was worth it.

If I could listen to this album anywhere, I would choose the makeup aisle. I hope to find something dramatic and well-made that will keep my face from melting. Dramatic and well-made makeup to match the album that could be described as such.

‘Inside The Circle’ is out now, available digitally from fine music platforms, including Apple MusicSpotify and Bandcamp.

sky lions

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