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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close-up


IMG_3409Cee's Black & White Photo Challenge: Close-up

This week Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge theme is close-up. I went with a farm theme also.

The link is:


Rivertown: Pumpkin Ale

IMG_3342 - Copy

Rivertown: Pumpkin Ale

The Rivertown Pumpkin Ale has a full flavor. I was hoping it would have more of a pumpkin flavor. It reminded me a lot of Killian’s, which I used to drink on a regular basis. Lucas thought it tasted like Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest. The pumpkin ale is defintely worth a try.

The art on the label is awesome. Maybe a little spooky but awesome just the same.

Visit the Rivertown Brewery website: http://rivertownbrewery.com/our-beers/

Delorean in your driveway: Where would you go?

Delorean in the driveway: Back to the Future!

How many cares one loses
when one decides
not to be something,
but to become someone.
–Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel



If a Delorean time machine appeared in my driveway, I would go back to the 1920’s in Paris, France. It would be interesting to see the House of Chanel in the beginning. I would really love to wear the clothes and hats when they were new. Chanel revolutionized fashion. If Coco Chanel wasn’t a designer, then we might still be wearing corsets. Corsets can be beautiful but also restrictive and uncomfortable.
It would be amazing to see Chanel design the first “Little Black Dress.” The House of Chanel is still in the same place. Chanel has survived the ups and downs of the fashion industry, which is not an easy task.
In any case, visiting Paris is on the bucketlist. I will have to settle for visiting the House of Chanel in the future.

Picture borrowed from timemachineforsale.com – I’m not even joking 🙂

and Chanel photo borrowd from Visionary Art Magazine: http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&docid=nq2muBH8Nf0dFM&tbnid=Ey51EL2lkNBKSM:&ved=0CAcQjB0wAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fvisionaryartistrymag.com%2F2011%2F01%2Fchanel%2F&ei=XX5TUqXuG7i44AO71oBY&psig=AFQjCNH-tE7PEHm-rMtHJgFfc3GZcMVA5Q&ust=1381289949503864




So I went to the Shrub show this past weekend in Bowling Green, Ohio. I’ve seen them one other time. Shrub just gets better every time I see them. They play a blend of Reggae, Rock and Rap. All of the band members are so talented. I know the keyboard player sings, plays keyboards and the violin. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them play multiple instruments.
I love bands in which the singer sings, the rapper can rap and everybody plays their own instruments well. The guitarists and the bassist were awesome. So awesome that I think they blew the doors off of the bar.
Their new album is called "Triceratops." I think they joked about it being about dinosaurs and shoes. How can you go wrong with that? 🙂

Link to Shrub's website. Check them out!! http://shrublove.com/

Favorite Villain: Michael Rooker aka Merle Dixon


One of the best villains on television, or movies for that matter, is Merle Dixon on “The Walking Dead.” The character is played by Michael Rooker.
In my opinion, Merle is just as villainous as J.R. Ewing. I think that the audience loves to hate both characters.
Neither of the characters were nice by any means. However, I think that Merle did have genuine love for his brother, Daryl. I’m sure that many of you have heard of Daryl, who is played by Norman Reedus.
I think that the fact that he wants to protect his brother is possibly his only redeeming quality. I also think that in spite of being a terrible human being, he somehow remains, dare I say . . . charming. Now that I think about it I think people have said the same thing about serial killers.

P.S. I broke the rules to take that picture. Just sayin. Totally worth it! 🙂

Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider

Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider

I was not sure what to expect when I opened the Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider. My first thought was that it might taste like pumpkin pie juice with a kick. The pumpkin flavor was not overwhelming at all. There was a bit of a spicy aftertaste, which really was good. The pumpkin cider has a full taste. It was definitely not like juice.
The alcohol content is 6.9 % so it does have a kick.
I’m not a fan of the orange label. The label seemed so bright and overwhelming. I still give the Woodchuck pumpkin cider a 9 out of 10.

This is a link to the Private Reserve Ciders page: http://www.woodchuck.com/cider/private-reserves.html

Dear self as a senior citizen,


As Bette Davis said ” Old age ain’t no place for sissies.” So here are a few words of advice to remember. Hopefully you will remember. Maybe you should print this and post it on the refrigerator. 

Stay physically active for as long as you can. If you quit using your body, it may quit on you. I know you don’t like exercising but you should consider walking, dancing or yoga.
No one is asking you to run a marathon. Although, we do think highly of people that do run marathons. Remember that time you ran in the Race for the Cure? Maybe next time, we’ll just volunteer.

Keep reading, writing and doing puzzles. All of those things will help to keep your mind sharp. 

Moisturizer. Moisturizer. Moisturizer. Just because you are old, doesn’t mean you have to look old. 

Someday, you may have to go to assisted living. It won’t be terrible if you socialize. So do not be a hermit.  

Thanks for listening.