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Queens of Funk: Mavis Staples

Artwork by Jude Kane/ Freakoutville; © Copyright Jude Kane


Mavis Staples can do what she wants. She wanted to sing and there’s almost no one better.  She’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Staples has also been a Kennedy Center Honoree.

She’s still singing and writing music. Her newest album, If All I Was Was Black, was released last year. This year, she collaborated with Hozier on “Nina Cried Power.” God willing, she will always want to sing.

Bob Dylan proposed to her but I guess she didn’t want to get married so she didn’t.


Mavis Staples website

Freakoutville on Facebook

Queens of Funk: Millie Jackson


Millie Jackson is sassy. Sassy may be an understatement. If you hear her music, you will not forget who she is.

Her career began when someone dared her to enter a talent contest. She won the contest and the bet.

I didn’t know who Millie Jackson was before this year. I had heard one of her songs but I thought it was Gladys Knight. Their voices are so similar.

Jackson’s songs are funnier and naughtier than Knight’s. She is funnier than most people.

She’s not one to be ignored or pushed aside. Jackson started her own record company and had her own radio show for many years.

Weird Wreckuds website

Millie Jackson on Spotify

Bring the Funk Music Review: Aaron Kamm and the One Drops



Funk isn’t just one sound. Some funk is more rock. Some funk has elements of jazz or the blues.

Aaron Kamm & The One Drops’ music leans more towards the blues than rock. However, they aren’t just a blues band or a reggae band. They play a decent mix of everything – reggae, soul, blues.

The last album that they put released was Feed the Meter in 2015. I’m not sure why they haven’t recorded another album. If you get a chance, listen to the stuff that they have on Spotify.

Check out their website to see where they will be playing next.




Aaron Kamm and the One Drops website

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops on Spotify

Interview with . . . Quantum Split

Quantum Split was in the Battle of the Bands at AfroPunk this past July. They made it to the final four, which is an accomplishment.

They bring an equal amount of funk and noise to the stage. I cannot wait to see them live. Until then, Quantum Split is here on the blog today for an interview.





Who would you choose in a battle of scientists?

  1. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  2. Bill Nye the Science Guy
  3. Stephen Hawking
  4. Those guys from Mythbusters
Soleil Laurent: Bill Nye
Adrian Read: Albert Einstein
Ivan Hardy: Bill Nye all the way
Richard Chen: Stephen Hawking if he were still alive.
Do you take a scientific approach to music or is it more heart and emotions?
Soleil Laurent: For sure more heart and emotions! Music is a feeling… It’s the diary for everyone.
Adrian Read: It starts with a feeling and as it develops, we add more music, science, if you will, to structure the song.
Ivan Hardy: Heart and emotion for me.
Richard Chen: Heart and emotions.
Where was your first show?
Soleil Laurent: Ever? 5th grade talent show lol. My first show with QS was The Delancey!
Adrian Read: My first show with Quantum Split was at Bar None in New York City.
Ivan Hardy: Crash Mansion 2009.
Richard Chen: My first show with the band is at Gramercy Theater.
How was your experience with the AfroPunk Festival?
Soleil Laurent: It was beautiful because we got to spread the message of bravery, love, and purpose.
Adrian Read: I felt complete freedom of expression at the AfroPunk Festival. Freedom to speak, dance, dress and be as I am, and it was fun as hell.
Ivan Hardy: It was awesome. I was able to get a sailor jerry tattoo there as well as perform.
Richard Chen: It was great! Wish we had won though.
Why do you think people are afraid to pursue their dreams?
Soleil Laurent: FEAR OF FAILURE! It’s a deeper cut to fail in something you love but you must keep pushing!
Adrian Read: Because they fear failure, they fear the responsibility that comes with success. And more often than not, they don’t know what they REALLY want.
Ivan Hardy: Fear of rejection and the amount of work, I’d assume.
Richard Chen: Because not everyone can handle the risk of failing.
Would you rather bring in the noise or bring in the funk?
Soleil Laurent: Bring in the funk for sure!
Adrian Read: Loud funky noise.
Ivan Hardy: As a metalhead, the NOISE!!!
Richard Chen: The funk anytime.
How do you deal with negative energy?
Soleil Laurent: I name all the things I am grateful for and it automatically shifts me.
Adrian Read: I try to turn it into positive energy. If I can’t, I stay positive and let God take care of the rest.
Ivan Hardy: I try to focus on what I’m trying to achieve and always reflect on how far I’ve come. I have good friends to help me get by as well.
Richard Chen: Avoid it.
Is there anything that makes you laugh until you cry?
Soleil Laurent: Chris Rocks Jokes… lol or Chris Tuckers ..
Adrian Read: Getting tickled
Ivan Hardy: Not that I know of so far.
Richard Chen: Shows like “South Park.”
What do you want people to know about Quantum Split?
Soleil Laurent: We are a band built to empower YOU! YOUR DREAM! and more.
Adrian Read: We want everyone to realize and embrace who they really are, unconditionally.
Ivan Hardy: We’re taking over NYC with our music and then the world.
Richard Chen: Everything.
What are your plans for the next year or so?
Soleil Laurent: Tour, tour, tour, tour!
Adrian Read: To empower as many people as we can.
Ivan Hardy: Possibly do another National tour and continue to get the endorsements we want. I can’t wait to play bigger venues and more festivals. I love outdoor shows.
Richard Chen: Stadium shows.

Bring the Funk Music Review: OTEP

OTEP has been known to bring in the noise and the funk. I can’t tell if there’s more noise or funk. Anyway, they have a newish album out called Kult 45. It has controversy all over it – from the cover to the last lyric.

Music isn’t always shiny happy funk. Sometimes music can get down & dirty and totally in your face.

If you’ve heard OTEP before you know that they don’t hold back with their lyrics. On this album, they express their opinions about the current political situation. This album is not cute and cuddly. OTEP came to send a message and don’t have time to waste on pleasantries.

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet middle of the road album, this is not the album for you. OTEP might not be your cup of tea. However, if you’re into loud, bands like Rage Against the Machine that stir the political pot, then OTEP might be your new favorite band.

The track that I like the best is “Boss.” “To The Gallows” is a close second. The link to the video is below.

OTEP website

Old School Noise & Funk: George Clinton

No one ever asks why I have lost a bit of hearing. Maybe they don’t notice that I’m trying to read their lips. It’s part of the reason that I don’t do phone interviews anymore. It could lead to some serious misquoting.

I used to be able to hear. Then I went to see George Clinton & Parliament-Funkadelic in July 2009. Apparently, I stood too close to the speakers. I wasn’t paying attention. I just wanted to get closer to the stage.

Was it worth it? Yes, totally.

It was an amazing show. George Clinton is like one of the Godfathers of Funk. If you want to know about funk, you should know about George Clinton.

It’s too bad that I didn’t have a decent camera. I would have had some great photos instead of one that is average. I think the pictures that I do have were on MySpace. Can you believe that shit? MySpace. . . It’s like another life over there.

Oh look, I found my photos of George Clinton and P-Funk.

My boyfriend and I met Ricky Rouse, who played guitar with P-Funk at the time. He even played my boyfriend’s twelve-string guitar for awhile. There was a hippy chick that wanted me to send the pictures of Ricky Rouse to her but I could never find her. According to what was on MySpace, her name was Amber. So there she is with Ricky Rouse. You can’t tell it’s him because I was trying not to be obvious. I should’ve just been obvious and would’ve gotten a good picture.