When Christmas Karaoke Sends You Running for Cover

Christmas Karaoke

This holiday season, I may have gone off the deep end. It’s all in the name of Christmas spirit. I am doing the prayer and Christmas Karaoke. This weekend, I will be finalizing the Christmas Karaoke plan.

  1. Playlist: Not done.
  2. Karaoke machine: Has been found. Countdown to figure it out will begin tomorrow.
  3. Ugly Christmas sweaters: Half-done.
  4. Food and drinks: It will be taken care of by someone. I think . . .
  5. Santa hat: Possibly in a box of decorations. Also, do I even have a Santa hat?
  6. Prayer: Winging it as usual.

What would be on your Christmas Karaoke playlist? Dolly Parton? Mariah Carey? Wham? Tell me please. I need to know every Christmas song and time is ticking.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

2 responses to “When Christmas Karaoke Sends You Running for Cover”

  1. “Merry Christmas Darling” by the Carpenters, or “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, originally sung by Judy Garland. Sadly, my voice isn’t good enough to sing either song lol.

    1. Wonderful choices! ❤

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