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Love is like . . . Read this one Lucas :)

Love is like

I’m like . . .


Lucas is like . . .

Together we’re like . . .


We’ve been together for five years. Only 26 more years until we get married. 🙂 Happy anniversary! 🙂

Fall in Love: First Boyfriend. NaBloPoMo

Fall in Love: First Boyfriend. NaBloPoMo

My first boyfriend was Jeff Wood. We were in the first grade. I thought he was cute. He bought me a ring. It was wonderful . . . until I realized that I couldn’t marry him. My first name is Holley. If we married, I would be Holley Wood. Like Hollywood. My mom and I still laugh about it.
I’m not sure why it was devastating to me. I don’t remember how many days I was upset. It really couldn’t be all that bad, could it?
Well, he moved to the next town in the second grade. I haven’t seen him since. So much for getting married and being Mrs. Holley Wood.

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Falling in Love: NaBloPoMo

Indians game

Zombie Prom

Ekoostik Hookah

What does falling in love feel like? It’s so hard to explain. There’s some giddiness, blushing and nervousness. I feel like I may not stop giggling or blushing. There’s a song by Bjork that explains it so much better than I can.

“it’s. oh. so quiet
it’a oh. so still
you’re all alone
and so peaceful until…

you fall in love
zing boom
the sky up above
zing boom
is caving in
wow bam
you’ve never been so nuts about a guy
you wanna laugh you wanna cry
you cross your heart and hope to die”

(I’m not sure how we always manage to be on the same side in every picture. 🙂 Still smiling though.