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Sleep Deprived Music Review: Kandace Springs

Kandace Springs

Indigo by singer/songwriter/pianist Kandace Springs was released in 2018. I’m a little late in noticing it but so grateful that the album appeared on the music radar. Springs is a class act. She expresses so much without being explicit.

 Her music is definitely jazz infused with R & B. Nothing about this album is like cheesy elevator music. She does a cover of Roberta Flack’s “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” which is absolutely amazing. I also love “Unsophisticated” which features Roy Hargrove.

 She reminds me of Sade and Ella Fitzgerald but she doesn’t sound exactly like anyone else except herself. Springs lists both Sade and Fitzgerald as two of her many influences.

Springs is from Nashville but currently living in New York City. Fun Fact: Springs was invited by Prince to perform with him at Paisley Park.

It would be awesome to see Springs perform at a small jazz club. I will definitely be keeping an eye on tour dates.



Kandace Springs on Spotify

Deja Vu: #bookreview


Deja Vu on Amazon

What if you could live your life over from the age of 16? I ask myself this question all of the time, so I was curious to see what the main character of Deja Vu would do. Deja Vu was written by Israeli author, Michal Hartstein.

At the age of 16, Rose is in an accident and has amnesia. She cannot remember anything that happened before the accident. Her family and friends are supportive. Rose has a decent life but she wants what her friends have – money, seemingly perfect husbands and children. Her jealousy consumes her daily thoughts.

When she is 32, she wakes up in the hospital again. Could she really be 16 again?

Things that I liked about Deja Vu:

  • The concept of the story was really interesting. Would you redo things? I know that I would.
  • Rose is honest about her feelings. She struggles with motherhood. It’s not something that comes naturally, which is hard to admit. I think her honesty is what makes it easy to relate to her.


There was only one thing that was confusing. When I started reading the book, I didn’t know that the characters were living in Israel. So I didn’t know why they were all in the army. Now I know thanks to Google. Almost all Israeli citizens have to serve in the army.

If you want to know more about the author, Michal Hartstein, visit the following links.

Michal Hartstein on Twitter

Michal Hartstein website


Mz. Understood: #NaBloPoMo

Tell us about a time when you were deeply misunderstood. How did you fix the situation?


After I had my first kid, I had some major issues with Postpartum Depression. I didn’t understand all of those feelings myself.  Boom! One day, I had a kid and every feeling was exposed for the whole world to see.

Along with the depression, came a shorter temper. I had always been able to keep my temper under control until then.

I had a major meltdown at a family reunion. A series of events led up to it but it happened. I didn’t deal with any of those feelings or events in a reasonable way. I remember being angry and lots of crying. I also remember my family looking at me like


Shortly after the meltdown or maybe it was the meltdown that followed, I went to see a therapist. She was one of the few therapists that I actually liked. I would have invited her to a party but since she knew about my history of tantrums, I would have understood if she declined.

maps & lottery tickets: #MondayBlogs

What are your favorite spices?

Variety. And garlic.


I borrowed this shirt from my daughter yesterday. It’s one of my favorites.

What object do you always have with you when traveling and why?


A road atlas. Remember? A book of maps. My GPS is a liar. We’ve ended up in one too many parking garages because of her lies.

Now I know that I can make DIY art projects out of old maps.

What is one thing you love about being an adult?
I can buy alcohol and lottery tickets if i want.


What item, that you don’t have already, would you most like to own?

I would like a Wonder Woman patch. Also, I’m still waiting on my kid to draw Lumpy Space Princess for me. There’s a spot on my wall of fame for it.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

I’m grateful that I did not have a heart attack. I’ll be working first shift for the next two weeks. It will be like having a real life for a minute.
Plus, I have interviews to do. Good times!

I also just found out that I was chosen to be a photographer at Colossalcon in June. They said no . . . . BUT THEN THEY SAID YESSSSS!! I love it when no turns into yes.


Still Life: Book Review


*This is the part where I tell you I received this book  in exchange for doing a review.

First of all, I love the cover. I chose to review “Still Life” by Christa Parrish because one of the characters is a photographer – a very famous, Pulitzer prize winning photographer.

The story begins with the photographer, Julian, trying to get home to see his wife, Ada, on her birthday. He gets bumped from his flight. Another passenger, Katherine, gives up her seat so she can spend one more day with a man other than her husband. Unfortunately, the plane crashes and Julian is killed. Katherine is given another chance to make her marriage work, although it will take a lot of work.

The main theme seems to be trying to understand why God chooses to call some people back home sooner than others. Several of the characters really struggled with understanding this problem and also survivor’s guilt. It was interesting to see how the character’s dealt with grief and guilt. The answer may be that we won’t find the answer in this life.

I did enjoy reading this book. It was well-written and thought provoking.

Annie: Let’s Go to the Movies

My family and I went to the movies over the weekend. We decided to see “Annie.” When I was a kid, I loved the 1982 film “Annie.”
The 2014 version is more modern and up-to-date. Quvenzhané Wallis is adorable and feisty as Annie. She lives with her horrible, alcoholic foster mom, Ms. Hannagan, played by Cameron Diaz. Daddy Warbucks is now named Will Stacks, the wealthy owner of a successful cell phone company. Jaime Foxx was cast in the part of Will Stacks.
The movie was cute. My kids enjoyed it. It’s worth watching again. I felt like Foxx and Wallis had good chemistry. I believed that he wanted to adopt her. Who wouldn’t though?
I only had three problems with the movie. First of all, I am convinced that while Diaz sings the music is just as loud as her voice. Maybe her voice is awful and they needed to hide it.

Secondly, there was some dancing. However, the dance numbers were not as good as the original “Annie.” This version didn’t have Anne Reinking  as Grace. Reinking is a hard act to follow. It’s just my humble opinion.

For the third problem, if I were the director, Will Gluck, and hired Tracie Thoms to be in my movie, which is also a musical, I would make sure that there was at least one song for her to sing. I would stay up all night writing songs for her to sing. Seriously, she has a better voice than everyone else in this movie. I felt like it was a waste of talent. Oh look, Thoms was in “Rent.” Just sayin’. Rant over.