New Year New Interview: Bleeding Raven

Bleeding Raven, an aggrotech/dark tek project, is the next featured artist on the blog. From what I understand, aggrotech is electronic/industrial music but with a grittier and darker sound. As we are winding down the new year interview segment, let’s hear what Bleeding Raven has to say. What was the best thing to happen inContinue reading “New Year New Interview: Bleeding Raven”

New Year New Interview: Robbers on Parole

If you are a fan of electronic rock, then watch out for Robbers on Parole. They may just steal your heart. (insert ba dum tsss sound here. ) Check out the following interview to find out more about them! What was the best thing to happen in 2019? Well, we got invited to play atContinue reading “New Year New Interview: Robbers on Parole”

New Year New Interview: Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar is here to slay all day. She is originally from Houston but currently residing in Los Angeles. Stay tuned to find out what Vanilla Sugar has on her mind. What was the best thing to happen in 2019?  I got to shoot two music videos for my new album. What are you lookingContinue reading “New Year New Interview: Vanilla Sugar”

New Year New Interview: Emily Daccarett

When researching Emily Daccarett, I thought that there were two Emily Daccarett’s – a fashion designer and a musician. However, there is only one Emily Daccarett. She is a fashion designer and a musician. You have to admire her for not stifling her creativity. There’s something to be said about not staying in your lane.Continue reading “New Year New Interview: Emily Daccarett”

New Year New Interview: Frames

It’s time for another segment of “New Year New Interview.” Please welcome Frames to the blog! Enjoy the interview. Also, check out her Instagram – it’s awesome. Band Name?  Frames What was the best thing to happen in 2019? I got into rock climbing with my best friend and now I’m substantial. What are youContinue reading “New Year New Interview: Frames”

New Year New Interview: Pointless

Welcome to the latest “New Year New Interview” with Pointless of New Jersey. They have released new music this month so check them out on Spotify and YouTube. In the words of cool kids everywhere, they’re pretty dope. In the meantime, take a peek at their interview right here. Band Name?  Pointless What was theContinue reading “New Year New Interview: Pointless”

New Year New Interview: The JAB

In honor of the upcoming new year, enjoy the following New Year New Interview from The JAB of Chicago. Band Name?  *The JAB (these questions are being answered by frontman Jam Alker) What was the best thing to happen in 2019? Recording CONSUME with the band in Lexington, KY—working with these lads has made theContinue reading “New Year New Interview: The JAB”

New Year New Interview: American Television

Welcome to the latest edition of “New Year New Interview” with American Television of Washington, DC. Guitarists Steve Rovery and Jerred Lazar will be answering a few New Years related questions. Band Name? American Television What was the best thing to happen in 2019? Steve: We played the biggest stage and room we’ve ever playedContinue reading “New Year New Interview: American Television”

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