Favorite TV shows: #blogtober16 

In case you were wondering what I watch on television or used to watch since I don’t have cable or the internet. (I don’t have a a microwave either. It’s like I’m a pioneer woman. Just kidding.)

Top 10 favorite television shows
1. Game of Thrones


2. The Walking Dead


My friend, Tracey, made this print. Her website is here:

3. Hell on Wheels


4. Pretty Little Liars


5. Bewitched



6. Life after People


7. Ken Burns documentary “Jazz”


8. Behind the Music. I know more than I wanted to know about most musicians.

9. Best Week Ever/Talk Soup. Funny and sometimes inappropriate

10. Once Upon a Time



#WeekendCoffeeShare: It Puts the Coffee in the Mug





If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • that I’ve been watching the show, “Hannibal.”
  • I wake up in the morning and watch it. I fall asleep watching it at night.
  • It could be because of this guy.
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  • I want him to be my friend but I don’t want him to make me into coffee.
  • We are also not psychopaths or sociopaths. I googled it. I have also profiled most of my friends and hardly any of them are psychopaths.
  • Lucas and I have been making lots of jokes about putting the lotion in the basket. We really do have a lotion basket. Good times.
  • Since last week, I’ve been working 3rd shift at a factory. There’s a virgin tank there. I don’t know what it’s for but I really, really want to take a picture of it. I’m positive that I’m not a worthy candidate for the virgin tank sacrifice.
  • However, photography is probably against the rules so I’ll wait a month or so.
  • Other than that, I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping and looking for my keys. Apparently, the percentage of misplacing my keys has increased by 110% since the shift change.
  • Coffee has been a lifesaver, except now I drink it at 8 p.m. instead of 8 a.m.
  • How have you guys been? I haven’t been around much but hopefully that will change.


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Weekend Coffee Share – Part-Time Monster

So there are 5 seasons of Boardwalk Empire . . . What the Hell!?


I would have been truly happy with four seasons of “Boardwalk Empire.”

Possibly because my favorite character was killed at the end of the fourth season. Richard Harrow was my favorite. The character stands out because he is unexpected. You don’t expect him to be such an adept killer, as well as a decent human being. To have a main character with a mask, who is not pure evil, is interesting. It reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster – only Harrow is more likable. (Am I the only one who thinks Frankenstein’s monster is a jerk?He was a jerk in “Van Helsing” anyway. . . )

Jack Huston really looks like this. Not that it matters but his being so handsome is also unexpected.

Right after we finished the last show of the fourth season, my boyfriend says, “There’s another season.”

I just threw my hands up, like “What the hell?!”

Now, we have to decide if we want to get involved in another season or not. Most of the characters that I really enjoyed are gone.

What the hell. Why not. We’ll probably watch the last season. I guess we’ll see what Al Capone does next.

What does my Family think of my Blogging Habit?




I was curious to know what my family thought of my blog. So I asked them while we were snowed in last weekend.  Or was it the weekend before?


Anyway. . . without further ado, here are their responses:

Darling Daughter: It depends on the topic. If it’s about bands, it’s awesome.

Little Sister #1: I haven’t seen it. ( Basically, if it’s not video games or cartoons, she doesn’t notice it. As long as I’m not standing in front of the television, she is fine with whatever I do.)

Little Sister #2: It’s good. (I think she wanted me to move from it front of the television so she just said something nice.)

My Mom: The topics are fairly interesting. I haven’t seen all of them. I can’t seem to get to them as easily. ( I think she wanted to me to move from in front of the television too.)

Lucas: Your blogging is interesting and enjoyable. ( He might have been watching television or playing video games too.)

It’s amazing the response you can get from blocking the television during a snow storm. Thanks family for your kind of truthful answers.


Back by Popular Demand: Heroes

Back by Popular Demand: Heroes

This morning, the morning radio show mentioned that “Heroes” is making a comeback. The show will air as a thirteen episode mini-series. I’ll take it! It might be the best news that I’ll hear today. What are the chances of getting better news?
So far, I don’t think Hayden Pantierre will be returning as the cheerleader. She’s busy with her other t.v. show, “Nashville.” My suggestion for replacing her would be AnnaSophia Robb. I think she has depth and physicality. You don’t want to see a hero who is out of breath after leaping over tall buildings. She was in the movie, “Soul Surfer,” which was a really physical role.


So I’ll be watching “Heroes” again on Netflix. I’m sure that I’ve forgotten so many things.

On a side note, I was impressed with the radio show for mentioning something interesting. They talk a lot about their personal lives. Snoozefest.