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366 photo challenge: Winter


Sleep Deprived Music Review: Leah

If you are looking for music for that is appropriate for the winter but not quite Christmas music, then you might be interested in LEAH’s new album, Ancient Winter.

The music is dreamy and elegant with influences of Celtic and Moroccan folk music. The audience will feel as if they have been transported to Medieval times. LEAH’s album reminds me of the scenes in “Lord of the Rings” with celebrations – Bilbo’s birthday party, the victory party, etc.


The fans of LEAH refer to her as “The Metal Enya.” It’s a fairly accurate description. She describes her music as Celtic Fantasy Metal. This album isn’t like her other albums but her fans will still appreciate it. I highly recommend listening to the album as well as the all of her music.


LEAH is from British Columbia, Canada, which has beautiful scenery. You could listen to LEAH’s album while hiking, skiing or whale watching. Honestly, there wouldn’t be anything more perfect than listening to this album while on a trip to British Columbia during the winter festival season.

LEAH Online:

Website: http://leahmusic.net/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leahthemusic

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/leahthemusic

Instagram: http://instagram.com/leahthemusic

Twitter: http://twitter.com/leahthemusic 

What does my Family think of my Blogging Habit?




I was curious to know what my family thought of my blog. So I asked them while we were snowed in last weekend.  Or was it the weekend before?


Anyway. . . without further ado, here are their responses:

Darling Daughter: It depends on the topic. If it’s about bands, it’s awesome.

Little Sister #1: I haven’t seen it. ( Basically, if it’s not video games or cartoons, she doesn’t notice it. As long as I’m not standing in front of the television, she is fine with whatever I do.)

Little Sister #2: It’s good. (I think she wanted me to move from it front of the television so she just said something nice.)

My Mom: The topics are fairly interesting. I haven’t seen all of them. I can’t seem to get to them as easily. ( I think she wanted to me to move from in front of the television too.)

Lucas: Your blogging is interesting and enjoyable. ( He might have been watching television or playing video games too.)

It’s amazing the response you can get from blocking the television during a snow storm. Thanks family for your kind of truthful answers.


if we were having coffee: please bring alcohol

Another winter storm is upon us. I’m here with my kids watching them play Skylanders . . . again. It might be better for me if I had some alcohol in my coffee. Please bring some Bailey’s.
Maybe I’ll see what my mom is doing. If I’m lucky, she’ll have chores for me. Anything is better than this video game nonsense, except for driving teenagers in this weather. Thank you winter storm. I just cannot win today.
I didn’t get press passes to the comic book convention. There’s always next year.


Dear Winter . . .

Dear Winter,

I am not one who usually feels entitled but I feel like you owe me a shovel and a manicure. Of course, you would pick the one day of the winter that I cannot find my gloves to dump several inches of snow behind my car. No one could find the shovel – only a snow broom. A snow broom.


You did this several times. I assume that you thought it was funny. You were probably in hysterics when you saw the snow plow push the snow right back into the driveway – twice. Oh Winter, you have a sick sense of humor.

Why the manicure? I would like to have nice nails for flipping off the snow plow driver if he comes around again. I also have a sick sense of humor.

Those snow plow drivers they mean well. They are just doing their job and work long hours. But for the love of Pete, why does it seem like they make extra work? Is it just me?

I just want you to know that I did not break the shovel on purpose. I don’t even remember how or when it broke.


So if you could just send me a shovel and maybe a gift certificate to a nice salon, that would be great. We both know that you owe me.

I’ll be over here looking for my gloves and waiting on that manicure.