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If you were an apple, which type of apple (Granny Smith, Gala, Red Delicious, etc) would you be and why?

To answer the question, I took a quiz because I really don’t know what type of apple I am. The quiz results said that I am a McIntosh apple. The results also described me as “juicy; tender flesh, tough skin, refreshingly sweet, simple and direct flavour. Translation: you’re warm and friendly, someone who’s honest and straightforward, and who goes with the flow”

I agree with this assessment for the most part. Some who have seen me may say I’m not friendly. This may be because I’m very shy and quiet most of the time. If I’m at an event with loud music, I have a hard time communicating with people. So I’m more comfortable at a coffeeshop than a bar.

I am honest – almost to a fault. I’m a terrible liar because I always laugh. It is impossible for me to keep a straight face during a lie. It makes having a poker face extremely difficult. So I can cross professional poker player off of the list of possible careers.
apple pie 008edited
The link to the quiz:

I borrowed the photo also from,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNEfGP6HGmRETgXAr_9YGZLKDJ7E6w&ust=1381255268120192

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. Didn’t even think to see if there was a quiz out there….I apparently am a McIntosh, too! I though, believe that I am more of a Granny Smith 🙂

  2. I’m a Golden Delicious: mild taste, flesh can become soft, skin may shrivel when not refrigerated. Translation: you’re easy-going, like to avoid confrontation and keep things cool.

    1. That’s awesome! I never thought about what type of apple I would be before today. 🙂 Thanks for commenting & visitng. 🙂

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