Recycling: What’s Taken Me So Long?

Recycling: What's Taken Me So Long?

Honestly, what has taken us so long to get recycling bins? By us, I mean the people in my own household. We’ve been recycling aluminum cans since the beginning of time. We just recently started recycling plastic.
Part of the problem was that we were not sure if there was a place to take all of our recyclables. In some areas of the country and also in other countries, there are not enough centers that accept materials to be recycled.
In Mississippi, one company closed it’s curbside recycling program. The company said that it cost more to transport the material than they were making in revenue.
So I was surprised to find a drop-off center in my town. The next thing on the list is to get other bins for paper and glass products so that everything is separated before we drop it off to the center.
Apparently, commingling is also a problem with some recycling programs. Since everything gets mixed together, it takes time and more money to separate the items.
I’m really glad that we can make a difference by recycling. It does make a difference. By recycling plastic, it has cut down significantly on the garbage that we take to the trash bin.

I included a link to the Sustainable Cities Institute website.

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  1. You know, before Hun and I got together, I recycled along with my housemates. Hun’s opinion was that it cost more and wasn’t as sustainable or cost effective. Although I still believe that recycling can be helpful and we no longer live in a far-off teensy-tiny-small town, we don’t recycle. I think I’ve accepted that it’s not happening where we are now either…..your post reminds me that I enjoyed having a different bin for recycling.

    Guess I’ll be thinking about re-instituting recycling :/

    1. Even a little bit helps! 🙂 Thanks for considering it. It took us two weeks or less to fill up the plastic bin. And less goes in the dumpster.

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